Code Keyboard DIP modes

I'm really happy with my CODE Keyboard from WASD Keyboards, but they forgot to document the DIP switches online. All they provide is a small piece of paper that's easily lost. Some users have taken a picture of it and put that online themselves. Here is a handy searchable copy, handmade in HTML/CSS.

WASD Keyboards V2/V2B User's Guide

The V2 keyboard features a DIP switch on the backside of the keyboard to enable or disable various modes of function.

The keyboard must be powered off to switch modes.

Switch State Function Notes
SW1 Off, SW2 Off Standard QUERTY mode
SW1 On, SW2 Off Mac mode Switches the default position of the Command and Option keys
SW1 Off, SW2 On Dvorak mode
SW1 On, SW2 On Colemak mode
SW3 Off Caps Lock = Caps Lock, (L) Ctrl = (L) Ctrl
SW3 On Caps Lock = (L) Ctrl, (L) Ctrl = (L) Ctrl Caps Lock function is removed
SW4 Off Scroll Lock = Scroll Lock
SW4 On Scroll Lock = OS Key Lock Use this key to enable/disable your OS keys
SW5 Off OS Keys Enabled
SW5 On OS Keys Disabled If OS Keys are disabled, OS Key Lock mode will be disabled
SW6 Off Menu Key = Menu Key
SW6 On Menu Key = Fn Key Used to access built-in function commands
Function Commands* Notes
Fn + Insert Play / Pause
Fn + Home Stop Not supported by OSX
Fn + Delete Previous Track
Fn + End Next Track
Fn + Page Up Volume Up
Fn + Page Down Volume Down
Fn + Pause Mute
Fn + F11 Ajust LED backlight brightness LED models only
Fn + F12 Turn LED backlight on / off LED models only
Fn + F13 / Print Screen Eject Mac mode only
*SW6 must be On for Function Commands to work